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# Wednesday, 18 April 2012

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Ok! So now I'm going to try and blog on our progress for TNT (Transformation Nation Triad). Kelly and I are at the half way point in the 16 week program. This morning we attended a mass aerobics class for the WXII new cast at the Wilkes Family YMCA. It was fun but not nearly the workout I had hoped. Parts were really tough. Other parts were kind of coasting.

I am training for the untimate goal of competing in the spartan trifecta next yeat. This race consists of a distance run with a number of obsticals to conquer throughout the course. The races are designed not just for endurace but to push the limits of your overall fitness! I'm really excited to participate in this.

Kelly and myself are going to celebrate our completion of the TNT program by running in the Marine Mud Run on the 2nd of June this year. This is an obstical course race but not as intense as the spartan race. The proceeds go to support the Wounded Warrior program and Toys For Tots.

Please check back as I will try to blog on our progress most days.

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